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Professional Institute ATC...
We offer everything to become a chef, for this requires the will and desire to become the leader of cuisine.
Trainees were given the opportunity to practice hundreds of types of dishes in our laboratories of which are equipped with all the professional kitchen equipment
Trainees were given the opportunity to practice many types of sweets in our laboratories which possess all the necessary equipments
Business Manager
Business is the generator of any world economy nevertheless the field in which it acts, but to operate the best it needs skillful managers and capable leaders.
Technic Computer and iT
The computer technology is the most advanced area which at least these last 20 years where computer and the Internet have become a working tool in many state offices, private businesses and almost every family home...
Electro Domestic Technician
Topics of the program for this course give more value when combined with the best theory and practice which are developed intensively for a year with no interruption in our laboratories...
Graphic Designer
Graphic design entered in the type of art that is used with the combination of typography, illustration, photography and the press...
Web Designer
Where the designs, maintaing or manage websites nowadays, wants to have knowledge in languages such as HTML, CSS and in the field of web programming
Electricity has been evolving a lot since its creation many years ago where hundreds of inventions are patented in this field which have given a great impetus to global development and have contributed more to the improvement of life for people to the point that today nothing can be conceived without electricity.
Auto Service
(Motorist, Generic, Electro)
A wardrobe stylist, also fashion stylist, is a consultant who selects the clothing for published editorial features, print or television advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, and any public appearances made by celebrities, models or other public figures.
Foreign languages
Rregjistrohuni në një nga kurset e gjuhës angleze, gjermane dhe italiane.

Three months courses

This category of courses has a duration of 3 months and equip you with the knowledge that requires labor market ...


Video Editor


Tech Computer& iT



Pizza cook






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